Medion Akoya P8612 BATTERY 6600mAh

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Medion Akoya P8612 BATTERY 6600mAh

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Battery Type:Li-ion
Details Feature:
Compatible original Battery Code:
BP-Dragon GT(S)BP-Dragon GT(P)BP3S3P2200(P)
BP3S2P2250 441810400003BP3S3P210040020374 (P:CGR18650C) 8x07xxx BP3S3P2200
44182060000340024581(HYB) BP3S3P220040030063
40019327 (P:CGR18650CF) 8x07xxx BP3S2P225040026857(S:UR18650FJ) BP3S3P210040022735(S:UR18650F) BP3S2P2200
40023380(P:CGR18650CF) BP3S3P225040023512( S:UR18650F) BP3S3P220040031303 441825900058 / ICR18650NH BP3S3P2150
Fit machine:
Medion MIM2070 Series
(MD96305/MD96287) Medion MIM2240 Series
(MD98100) Medion MIM2270 Series
(MD96144/MD96164/MD96217) Medion MIM2280 Series
(MD96380/MD96405/MD96443/MD96464/MD96517/MD96363) Medion MIM2300/8227MD Series
(MD96420/MD96648/MD96499/MD96697/MD96662/MD97310) Medion MAM2100 Series
(MD96035/MD96077/MD96254/MD96299/MD96327/MD96398/MD96418) Medion Akoya P7610 Series
(MD96976/MD97024/MD97042/MD97470) Medion Akoya E8410/P8610 Series
(MD96958/MD97096/MD97102/MD97318/MD97319/MD96853/MD96893/MD97320/MD97456/MD97490) Medion Akoya P8611/P8612/P8613/P8614 Series
(MD97102/MD97226/MD97228/MD97449/MD97451/MD97459/MD97461/MD97525/MD97526/MD97629/MD97697/MD98110/MD98310/MD98470) Packard Bell EasyNote SW35/SW45/SW51/SW61/SW85/SW86 Series
Packard Bell EasyNote W8/W8910/W8924/W8930/W8933/W8934 Series
Mitac MiNote 8207/8807/8227/9070D/9270D Series
ONE Notebook E5321/E5322 Series Zoostorm 8207D/8207I Series
Albacomp 8207D/8207I Activa Eco Mobil Optimo V3 Series
ChiliGreen Mobilitas GD0577(9270D) Series
Owl Computers MiNote 8207I/8207D Hi-Grade 8207I/8207D/8807 Series
Genex Model 8207i/8207D Fortune Model 8207I/8207D/8227D 1TEGRATION Note Model 8207I/8207D Series
Evesham Zieo N500-HD Series
XXODD XNi8227d/XNi9070d/XNi9270d Series Maxdata ECO 4700IW(8207D) Series
BTO 17W26A/18M28/18M29/18M30 Notebook Series
PIONEER Computers DreamBook Power 8227D/9070 Series
Pointer Systems M9070D Series
Novatech NNB-423/NNB-424/NNB-458 Series
Pc Specialist 8227DMP Series
Ahtec Stage XM9070 Series
Rock Pegasus 710 8227DMP Series
 Battery KnowledgeRegular problems and solution:1. Why my Medion Akoya P8612 BATTERY can not charge (indicator light does not shine)?
Possible reasonssolution
Your battery is fully chargedStop charging
Your power or adapter is working without electricityPls plug in the power supply
Laptop motherboard failureSend laptop back to repair
Laptop battery internal faultSend battery back to repair or replace battery
2. Why my Medion Akoya P8612 BATTERY can not charge to 100% (less than 90%)
Possible reasonssolution
Laptop battery internal data deviationPlease run battery "automatically proofreading program", if you don't have this program, please exhaust your battery and then charge again.
3. Why my Medion Akoya P8612 BATTERY can't use very long time after charged?
Possible reasonsSolution
Laptop battery internal data deviationPlease run battery "automatically proofreading program", if you don't have this program, please exhaust your battery and then charge again.
Laptop battery life is coming to an endchange a new laptop battery
4. Why my notebook will power off suddenly while using Medion Akoya P8612 BATTERY?
Possible reasonsSolution
Mismatches of battery cellsSend battery back to repair
Setting faults of your operating system Power ManagementRefer to the instructions of your laptop and operating system, and reset the Power Management
Laptop battery internal circuit board failureSend battery back to repair or replace it
 Tips for using Medion Akoya P8612 BATTERY:1. Remember charge your Medion Akoya P8612 BATTERY before the power is less than 5%, it is harmful both to your laptop and battery.2. Be sure note charge you Medion Akoya P8612 BATTERY for too long time, it is also harm to your battery.3. Proper use of your notebook will prolong your battery's life, we suggest you defragment your laptop every month, you can also use the software to reduce the power consumption of your laptop.4. In the AC Adapter mode, when using the battery without experiencing charge/discharge process, battery life will be longer.5. The Medion Akoya P8612 BATTERY life not depend on the using time, but depend on the charge and discharge times.6. Battery electricity will lose more when the temperature is higher than 35℃. Why buy Medion Akoya P8612 BATTERY from us:1. Best Price:You can get a Medion Akoya P8612 BATTERY at least 30% lower price than markets.2. Fast deliveryWe have two warehouses both in UK and Germany, which ensure you can get your battery in time.

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